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  1. Haha c'est vrai ! Là c'est event prévu à l'avance donc on a préparé ces règles, elles pourront changer d'un event à l'autre ?
  2. GM applications are off for the moment.
  3. Good evening everyone! We are pleased to announce our first event on Warlegend-Project! Date: March, 1st (Friday) at 9:30 pm GMT+1 (Duration ~ 2 hours). The event will be a 1v1 tournament. (Duel) Fighters will be choose before each duel with /rand command. Come and prove your value, represent your guild and your country. Rules: - Healer specializations are not allowed in the tournament. - 32 players maximum. - All games will be BO1 (1 loss = eliminated). - If the duel is not finished after 5 minutes, a debuff will be applied to both players. Rewards: - 1st place: 200 Marks of Honor - 2nd place: 100 Marks of Honor - 3rd and 4th place: 50 Marks of Honor 5 rounds: - 1st round: 32 players - 2nd round: 16 players - 3rd round: 8 players (quarterfinal) - 4th round: 4 players (semi-final) - 5th round: 2 players (final) How to participate? All you have to do is to be in-game around 9:30 pm GMT+1. I will make an announcement and you will have to /w me. First 32 players who will contact me will be selected. Practice well, now is your time to shine!
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    Yes, indeed there is a problem. We will resolve it as soon as possible
  5. It's not a bad idea, but I think it's very hard to implement. We have others main priorities at the moment, we will see later for this ! Thank you for your suggestion ! ?
  6. Nezu

    Offline BG'S

    Hello, Feel free to report them to our GM in game or on our Discord.
  7. @Grunghi Tu reviens de loin dis donc ! J’espère te croiser In game ?
  8. Nezu

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    Nice work guys ?
  9. Nezu


    Dragon Blood Reinforced c'est une vieille guilde ca ?
  10. First, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year. We are honored to announce with the upcoming opening of our server, that we are looking for French and English GMs. If you are motivated by the project, now is your time! Here are the qualities we wish for our team : - Speak and write the respective language you’re applying for correctly. - Have a good knowledge of World of Warcraft, the Battle for Azeroth expansion and its universe. - Be autonomous, responsive, available and able to take criticism. - Want to make progress and allow the server to evolve. -Have the desire to learn new things and do research. You can apply here: https://forum.wlp.gg/index.php?/forum/48-your-applications/ Here are templates for French/English applications: French sample English sample
  11. Sur WLP nous avons toujours eu la possibilité de farm notre stuff via pvp/bg/Arene, j'espère aussi que ça ne va pas changer. ?
  12. Alala la bonne vieille époque ! Ca fait plaisir de vous revoir ! :')
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