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  1. i think server will die faster than it get some searius fixes for pvp.
  2. ? funny.thes spells are realy meta to fix them.best pvp server.how many ppl worked for this incredible update? if that was 1 guy then ok.what monk using healing sphere?monk with starter gear can heal 64k crit...thats normal?
  3. problem is arena rating difrence...1900 go vs 0 rate..that means 2 facking morons farm all day noobs.and noobs cant eaven get 1 sigle game to win.i alredy leave this garbage server.way like this they will fix 70% spell bugs etc to play normal confortable pvp only after year...1 changelog where fixed almoust nothing just small dmg+to some spells and all this for 1 week... here is arena solo que 2 healers vs 2 dmg lol...
  4. zoklisble

    Changelog 3

    ilvl bug coz when u get amulet lvl 5 or 6 u can ugrade+5 lvl to each azurite item..but vendors ignore that ilvl...i have same on all chars not only your hunter.i think they should focus on spell bugs in pvp.now here is somtimes more healers than dmgers in bg...that means 20 min nonstop fighting and result 1 kill ? and healers can go with healers in arenas...in the end they win coz they can make more dmg than 2 dmgers or 1 dmg and 1 heal...
  5. zoklisble

    Changelog 2

    ww monk some spels not working corecly and dmg that they doing is to low...mb some of u can test...coz i m not playing in official server and dont know how much they shold do dmg but i know that 1 dmg it cant be.and NERF DRUID STARSORGE DMG!!!!!!!!!24k crit with starter gers...and u can spam it almoust.just play rbg with normal character and u will see how broken they are.world of druids
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